BOOKED! Adam Reid signed as Digicast Head of Experience & Internal Emcee


For Immediate Release, Montreal, Québec

After 18 years of elevating corporate experiences with innovations in virtual, hybrid and live event spaces, Digicast is further investing in the quality and humanization of its communication services by signing award-winning and fluently bilingual emcee Adam Reid as “Head of Experience” and “Master Of Ceremonies”.

Post COVID, bridging digital and physical experiences has become essential for corporate
engagement in virtual and hybrid events. 2023 saw a 78% surge in virtual event attendance and organizations are embracing these platforms for interactive and inclusive gatherings, reshaping the business landscape.

Committed to implementing creative solutions that enhance engagement and leave a lasting impression on audiences of digital experiences, Digicast has found that the key elements contributing to a memorable event are- emphasizing engagement, interactivity, and seamless technological integration.

Engagement measurements in the digital space include gauging audience interaction and participation to optimize event experiences and drive meaningful connections. Value metrics reinforce the significance of attendee participation, networking opportunities, and content relevance in driving successful virtual events.

“In today’s digitally saturated environment, where virtual and hybrid events have become the
norm, we’ve recognized a crucial need – the human touch. We believe that the essence of
memorable events lies not just in flawless execution but in creating moments that resonate on a
human level. This realization led us to the decision of introducing Adam Reid as Head of
Experience at Digicast. With Adam’s expertise, we’re looking forward to transforming how
people connect, perceive, and remember the events we craft.”
– Jonathan Hakim, President & CEO, Digicast

Impacting virtual audiences has now become a matter of energizing and captivating participants
to engage with storytelling and customization and traditionally it is the Master of Ceremonies responsibility to find unique angles and thought provoking elements of their clients message to
reinforce throughout the event.

“I’m beyond excited to be joining the DIGICAST team! Our aim is to humanize events in a way that they become not just gatherings, but experiences that engage, inspire, and stay with our
audience long after they conclude. ” – Adam Reid, Head of Experience, Digicast

As Head of Experience and internal Master of Ceremonies at Digicast Adam’s focus is on
customizing corporate experiences to be inclusive across diverse audiences with bilingualism,
professionalism and a very human touch.




Established in 2006, Digicast stands as a leader in webcasting and online corporate
communication solutions, pioneering meaningful connections between organizations and their
audience. With over 18 years of industry leadership, Digicast specializes in delivering tailored
virtual, hybrid, and in-person event solutions. Leveraging expertise in corporate communication,
Digicast crafts engaging experiences yielding measurable outcomes. Dedicated to client
success, Digicast prioritizes exceptional service and cutting-edge technology to optimize
communication efficiency. Explore how Digicast can revolutionize your communication strategy
and elevate your brand presence today.

Adam has hosted 100+ events performing in sports arenas, in front of the world’s media,
national sales meetings as well as highly respected award galas.Adam’s bilingual hosting
(English and French), unmatched work ethic and expertise in the event world, offers his clients a
turnkey solution in both languages.

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