FR-Reid to produce and host a new show called « The Lineup » for WatchMojo.Com!



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WatchMojo is currently the 35th most-subscribed-to channel on YouTube, with 14 million subscribers. The site it owns,, has had 7.9-billion video views since the company was founded in 2005. « The Lineup », their latest venture, is something quite different for WatchMojo. First off, it’s more like a conventional TV series. It’s hosted by our very own Adam Reid and each episode features four guests split into two teams who have to answer skill-testing sports questions.

"When WatchMojo approached me to not only host this new project but to produce it, I liked the challenge it presented. To assemble a team of this magnitude was no easy feat however we hired nothing but the best and the finished project speaks for itself. I can't wait it with you all" - Adam Reid

To learn more about WatchMojo visit their website here!

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